A Sharp Assessment

Are you trying to get a more accurate handle on a patient’s diabetic neuropathy?
If so, you may want to check out the SmartPen dual filament sensor from Koven Technology. It says the SmartPen combines a sterile sharp tip sensor and a replaceable, calibrated, retractable Semmes-Weinstein monofilament.
According to Koven, the sterile sensor enables you to test for sharp sensations in areas near diabetic foot ulcers. Using the 10gm monofilament helps you assess diabetic neuropathy assessment with touch-pressure sensation and is calibrated for 100 uses, according to the company. Koven adds that the new pen’s spring mechanism helps maintain the tool’s testing consistency.
Company: Koven Technology
Product: SmartPen Dual Filament Sensor
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A Measure Of Success
Matching foot sizes to shoe sizes can be difficult but a new measuring device may help you ensure a higher degree of accuracy.
The Apex Foot Measuring System allows you to compare heel-to-toe and heel-to-ball length in order to determine patients’ correct shoe size, according to the manufacturer Apex Foot Health Industries. The company notes that a particularly intriguing addition is the sliding width bar, which helps facilitate accurate width measurement.
The system is currently available at a low price to retailers and professionals, and comes in three styles: Men’s, women’s and a combination version.
Company: Apex Foot Health Industries
Product: Apex Foot Measuring System
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Stretch It Out
If night splints are a problem for your heel pain patients, you may want to take a closer look at a promising alternative.
Brown Medical says its N’ice Stretch night splint suspension system is more comfortable than molded shell splints and facilitates a higher degree of patient compliance as a result.
When your patients use this product, the independent bilateral suspension straps will help them continuously stretch their plantar fascia, Achilles tendon and triceps surae, according to the company. It adds that the device limits soft tissue contraction at night and the straps are easily adjustable in order to ensure a custom fit.
The new suspension system also features the Sealed Ice cold pack, which can be helpful in cases of plantar flexion contracture following surgery or overuse injuries.
Company: Brown Medical Industries
Product: N’ice Stretch night splint suspension system
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Brace Yourself
Are you looking for an effective treatment modality for lateral ankle instability, posterior tibal tendon dysfunction and neuromuscular weakness of the ankle?
Look no further than the Richie Brace, a custom ankle-foot orthosis that combines semi-rigid leg support with a balanced orthotic footplate. While the device was first introduced in 1996, Douglas Richie Jr., DPM, says the current version includes recent improvements such as new anatomic contoured limb supports, lightweight breathable limb support pads, a wider posterior leg strap and modified trim lines for additional comfort and support.
Dr. Richie has also unveiled a dropfoot version called the Dynamic Assist Richie Brace. He says the Dynamic Assist provides up to 15 degrees of passive ankle joint dorsiflexion during the swing phase of gait. The Assist also offers improved stability and restored dorsiflexion for patients with post-CVA hemiplegia, post-polio syndrome and mild Charcot Arthropathy.
The Richie Brace is available through Allied OSI Labs, JSB Orthotics, FootCare Express, KLM Orthotic Laboratories and ProLab Orthotics.
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Product: Richie Brace
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