Key Insights On Selecting Wound Care Modalities

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Key Insights On Selecting Wound Care Modalities
Here one can see a dorsal wound with extensive fibrotic, nonviable tissue overlaying the dorsal ankle over the patient’s extensor tendon. (Photo courtesy of Jonathan Moore, DPM)
Here one can see the same dorsal wound after four to six weeks of using Panafil along with debridement. As you can see, there is now a healthy, granular wound bed that is ready for closure with adjunctive modalities. (Photo courtesy of Jonathan Moore, DPM
Clinical Editor: Lawrence Karlock, DPM

Dr. Jeffcoate is a consultant diabetologist who first established a multidisciplinary clinic for the management of diabetic foot ulcers in 1982. Together with his colleague, Dr. Fran Game, Dr. Jeffcoate established the Foot Ulcer Trials Unit ( in 2002 at the City Hospital in Nottingham, U.K.

Dr. Karlock is a Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, and practices in Austintown, Ohio. He is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for WOUNDS, a Compendium of Clinical Research and Practice.

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