New Products

A Step Toward A Perfect Fit

   The newest product for digital foot scanning expands on previously developed technology.    The iStep Footwear Integration Technology (FIT) expands on the iStep Pressure Plate, a computer system that measures arch type and pressure points as a patient walks, according to Apex Foot Health Industries, the manufacturer of both products.    The company’s patented FIT is particularly valuable in retail as the technology allows one to categorize patients based on their foot measurements, arch types and pressure points. Accordingly, one can then recommend the best shoes and inserts available to meet a particular patient’s needs.    Company: Apex Foot Health Industries    Product: iStep FIT    For more info, circle 399 on your reader service card.

Assessing Your Financial Future

   Planning a financial future and managing risk can be challenging but two new volumes can help you tackle these complex subjects. The books Financial Planning Handbook for Physicians and Advisors and Insurance and Risk Management Strategies for Physicians and Advisors offer sage advice on a variety of topics. Both books are written by Dr. David E. Marcinko, MBA, CFP, CMP.    The Financial Planning Handbook addresses the bridging of financial planning and human psychology, insurance, income tax, investments and the basis for financial planning. Insurance and Risk Management Strategies addresses insurance for the doctor’s life, practice and possessions. The book also discusses how to manage risks regarding medical records and malpractice.    Publisher: Jones and Bartlett Publishers    Products: Financial Planning Handbook and Insurance and Risk Management Strategies    For more info, circle 400 on your reader service card.

Protection From Shock, Shear And Fungus

   Sometimes, athletes have to choose between insoles that protect the foot and insoles that fight fungus and odors.    However, Riecken’s Athletic Replacement Insoles reportedly combine the benefits of two insoles into one, according to Riecken’s Orthotic Laboratories, the manufacturer of the insoles.    The company says these insoles utilize a viscoelastic gel insole that allows athletes to protect their feet from shock and shear. The insole’s X-Static silver fiber lining reduces odors and eliminates the fungus that causes tinea pedis, according to the company. The company adds that X-Static is a registered antimicrobial with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).    Company: Riecken’s Orthotic Laboratories    Product: Riecken’s Athletic Replacement Insoles    For more info, circle 401 on your reader service card.

Splint Offers Support And Correction

   When wearing soft splints, patients are looking for devices that provide comfort and control.    The new Action® Toe Loops are helpful for patients who need correction for various conditions, according to the manufacturer 3-Point Products. The company says the loops can help treat fractures, overlapping toes, ligament injuries and jammed and rotated toes. It notes the product can also help straighten out and cushion hammertoes and claw toes.    The product’s loop and wrap design binds two or more toes together, which can be helpful in stabilizing fractures. A thin but dense foam layer distributes pressure without adding bulk, according to 3-Point Products.    Action® Toe Loops are available in a narrow 1 in. by 3 in. size for narrow toes and a wide 1.5 in. by 4 in. size for the great toe. The company adds that the Action Toe Loops can be worn in any shoe.    Company: 3-Point Products    Product: Action® Toe Loops    For more info, circle 402 on your reader service card.

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