New Products

Relieve Dry Skin

   Dry skin can be a problem for many patients in the winter.    Given this common problem, one may want to consider Umecta, which can provide relief for moderately to severely dry skin. The JSJ Pharmaceuticals product contains 40% urea and SanoDerm technology, and is available in an 8-oz. tube.    The company notes Umecta also features a physiologic lipid base that is rich in omega-6 essential fatty acids. Such acids, which are readily absorbed into the epidermal barrier, can help in maintaining skin hydration and elasticity more effectively than applications that contain mineral oil or petroleum, according to JSJ.    Company: JSJ Pharmaceuticals    Product: Umecta    For more info, circle 399 on your reader service card.

Flexibility And Liberty

   The newest line of orthotics and footwear is tailored to patients with diabetes.    When patients with diabetes need a device to accommodate sensitive feet, one may want to consider the Diabeticflex. The product reportedly contours to the foot, relieves pressure on the bottom of the foot and prevents ulcers, according to the Orthotic Group, the manufacturer of the product.    Also available from the Orthotic Group is the casual Liberty shoe, which utilizes the Diabeticflex. The company says the shoe’s upper combines breathable, stretchable Lycra with genuine leather. The Orthotic Group notes the shoe’s midsole is composed of a compression molded EVA to promote stable cushioning. The shoe also features a durable outsole designed with a rocker bottom and slip-resistant tread.    Company: The Orthotic Group    Product: Diabeticflex and Liberty    For more info, circle 400 on your reader service card.

Something To Ease The Pain

   Patients may recoil from the prospect of getting stuck with a needle but a new product may offer relief.    DPMs can use Pain Ease® to abate the pain caused by injections, IVs, venipuncture, minor surgery, minor sutures and minor sports injuries, according to Gebauer, the manufacturer of the product.    The company says the nonflammable product is a topical anesthetic skin refrigerant that one may use for minor open wounds, skin and mucous membranes.    Pain Ease is available in Mist or Medium Stream Spray. The spray can be helpful in treating myofascial pain, muscle tension and restricted motion, according to Gebauer.    Company: Gebauer    Product: Pain Ease®    For more info, circle 401 on your reader service card.

Lift Up Their Heels

   Prior to surgery, patients with femur fractures may need help in controlling movement and keeping their legs elevated.    Look no further than the Heelift® Traction Boot. The boot applies up to 10 pounds of skin traction to help stabilize femur fractures, according to manufacturer DM Systems. The product also elevates the leg and offers footdrop and rotational control.    Heelift can help prevent heel and lateral malleolar ulcers, according to the company. It also notes that the product averts peroneal nerve pressure injury at the head of the fibula and provides forefoot support, thus avoiding contracture of the heel cord. DM Systems says Heelift’s tricot backing offers the full benefit of traction with no friction between the boot and the bed.    Postoperatively, one can remove the traction straps, bar and rope to convert the product to an original Heelift Suspension Boot for prevention of heel pressure.    Company: DM Systems    Product: Heelift® Traction Boot    For more info, circle 402 on your reader service card.

Soothe Neuropathic Pain

   If patients are suffering from neuropathic pain, one may want to employ a new product to give patients relief.    Axsain is indicated for neuropathic pain, including painful diabetic neuropathy and postherpetic neuralgia in patients who have received incomplete pain relief after taking oral antiepileptics and tricyclic antidepressants, according to the manufacturer Winston Laboratories.    Axsain is capsaicin 0.25% in a Lidocare vehicle. The Lidocare vehicle enhances the tolerability of therapy by decreasing burning or stinging sensations that can accompany capsaicin application, according to Winston Laboratories.    A multicenter study of Axsain was performed by pain management specialists. The study, which involved 83 patients, found a 50 percent reduction of pain among patients with painful diabetic neuropathy, according to the company.    Company: Winston Laboratories    Product: Axsain    For more info, circle 403 on your reader service card.

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