No More Pain

Gina DiGironimo, Production Editor

The sight of a needle can strike fear into your bravest patient. Now a new product promises to minimize the pain. Milestone Scientific’s CompuMed system consists of the CompuMed computer and the Wand handpiece. The CompuMed computerized anesthetic system allows you to control the flow rate to your patients. Modes range from slow mode (one drop every two seconds) to the aspiration mode. This controlled distribution enables you to deliver the anesthetic below the patient’s threshold of pain. According to Milestone, the microprocessor automatically provides safe delivery for different tissue densities and creates an “anesthetic pathway.” The Wand also offers a bi-directional rotation insertion technique that allows the tip of the needle to directly hit the target site. For more information on this device, circle 397 on your reader service card. An “Ex”Cellent Healer If you have been searching for an instrument that effectively cuts and aspirates bone and marrow, the arrival of a new product may give you what you have been looking for. You can use the Excalibur BGS in a minimally invasive procedure to simultaneously suction and cut bone, or perform suction alone. The Excalibur BGS features automation and a shielded cutting auger that allow quick selection of cutting and suction modes, according to the manufacturer BioMedical Enterprises. The tool is a disposable instrument that is drill motor compatible. BioMedical Instruments notes that the Excalibur BGS can harvest up to 35cc of graft, which can help you facilitate bone healing. For more information, visit or circle 398 on your reader service card. Laser Away Verruca Incorporating lasers to treat verruca is changing the way wart removal is done. Podiatrists now have the option of using Biolitec’s newest product, the Ceralas D 980 nm diode laser, to treat verruca and decrease recurrence rates among varying types of warts. According to Biolitec, using the Ceralas D laser enables you to perform one-step cutting and coagulating, and its 980 nm wavelength offers soft, controlled soft tissue ablation and hemostasis. The company says you can also use the laser to treat vascular lesions, general incisions/excisions, moles and in performing general wound care. For more information, circle 399 on your reader service card. Get Pumped If your patients are rehabbing from recent surgery, the latest product on the market might increase their recovery. New from Sgarlato Labs, the PainFree Pump is a portable local anesthetic system that reduces postoperative pain and features a spring loaded design for continuous flow. The company says the new pump decreases patient medications and hospital stays because of the mobility it gives patients. The system is cost effective because it reduces clinician intervention time, notes Sgarlato Labs. With the outer markings on the barrel, patients can see how much fluid has been administered. The pump is lightweight and easy to wear. Sgarlato says the “closed system” reduces contamination risk and the pump is not temperature-, gravity- or pressure-dependent. For more information, visit or circle 400 on your reader service card. “Wonder” No More Looking for an orthotic to alleviate pressure and reduce shock to sensitive areas such as the knees? Silipos recently introduced Wonderzorb, a line of premolded orthotics that relieves symptoms due to complications of plantar fasciitis, pressure ulcers, bursitits and Achilles tendonitis. According to Silipos, the new orthotic line evenly distributes pressure to help improve the back, feet and knees. Absorption and support are offered with the Wonderzorb and the line is hypoallergenic. For more information, visit or circle 401 on your reader service card.

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