Resolving Skin Conditions

Are you looking for one cream that can combat several skin conditions? Salex™ Cream may be just what your patients need. It utilizes 6% salicylic acid to fight hyperkeratotic skin disorders, such as keratosis plantaris, ichthyosis and psoriasis, according to Healthpoint, the product’s manufacturer. The cream helps facilitate the removal of excess keratin and the company also notes that the product has a new Multivesicular Emulsion System (MVE). This MVE technology aids in hydration, lubrication and improving blood flow in the skin. For your patients’ comfort, Salex is light, not greasy or irritating and is non-comedogenic. The company cites the product’s “superior spreadability,” noting one can use it over large areas of the body. Healthpoint says the product is especially effective on the feet. Salex is available in a 400-gram bottle. Company: Healthpoint Product: Salex™ Cream For more information, circle 399 on your reader service card A Better Performing Gel Not one but three new heel gel products are available now for your patients’ comfort. The products are part of Spenco’s Performance Gel line. The Performance Gel 3/4 Length Arch Cushion treats plantar fasciitis while the Performance Gel Heel Cushion protects heels and absorbs shock. The Performance Gel Metatarsal Arch Cushion is useful for metatarsalgia and supports the transverse arch in the forefoot, according to the company. All three Performance Gel products are made from advanced Thermoplastic Rubber Gel, and Spenco notes they have superior shock absorbency from heel strike through mid-stance, which assists forward motion. The products also have 44 percent energy return and provide more heel protection, according to the company. Company: Spenco Product: Performance Gel For more information, circle 400 on your reader service card A More Absorbent Bandage A new wound dressing may facilitate improved comfort for your patients. Not only are Sterilux sterile and non-sterile bandages very absorbent, they have a high yarn count and their folded edges will not ravel, according to the product’s manufacturer Hartmann-Conco, Inc. The company says Sterilux, which is made with USP Type VII gauze, is ideal for wound cleansing and debridement, wound packing and general wound care. The bandages are low-linting and the easy to open packaging envelope is coated to prevent dust, according to Hartmann-Conco. Company: Hartmann-Conco, Inc. Product: Sterilux For more information, circle 401 on your reader service card A Chair For Every Occasion Examining patients can be demanding at times so it’s good to have a treatment chair that can handle the workload. Look no further than the TMM4 multi-purpose treatment and transport chair. The chair offers a weight capacity of 500 pounds and a wide surface for patients, according to the manufacturer TransMotion Medical, Inc. You can position the TMM4 in an “infinite” variety of positions from a chair to a stretcher, notes TransMotion Medical. The chair also features an X-ray/fluoroscopic back rest. Company: TransMotion Medical, Inc. Product: TMM4 For more information, circle 402 on your reader service card A Comforting Gel Do your patients suffer from discomfort due to diabetes? The new SorboGel® Insole is made for patients who have diabetes-related discomfort or those who spend a lot of time on their feet. Manufacturer RX Sorbo says the insole is made of Sorbothane® Gel, which facilitates maximum shock absorption and incorporates airflow channels for added patient comfort. RX Sorbo says Sorbothane is lightweight, antifungal and absorbs up to 94.7 percent of impact, The product’s topcover, made of brushed fabric, adds an extra layer of moisture-wicking and its thin design will not crowd your patients’ feet, according to the company. Company: RX Sorbo Product: SorboGel® Insole For more information, circle 403 on your reader service card

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