Making Ointment Application A Breeze

When treating diabetic patients who have neuropathic ulcers, it can be challenging to apply a wound care ointment with a wooden applicator or cotton swab due to pain tolerance issues. However, a new spray version of Panafil® may be able to address these concerns. Healthpoint, the manufacturer of Panafil Spray, says the spray is light so it doesn’t hurt a sensitive wound bed and facilitates easier access with tough to reach areas of irregularly-shaped wounds. The company also emphasizes that using the spray minimizes the potential for cross-contamination, a significant benefit given the increased prevalence of nosocomial infections. The spray’s combination of papain and urea with chlorophyllin copper complex sodium helps in cleansing the wound and facilitating healing, according to Healthpoint. Company: Healthpoint Product: Panafil® Spray For more information, circle 399 on your reader service card An Athletic Shoe Patients Can Run With Are your patients looking for an athletic shoe that offers better pressure distribution and increased comfort? You may want to consider telling them to run with Aetrex® Performance Footwear, the first athletic shoewear line from Apex Foot Health Industries. The company says this footwear line distributes pressure equally though the cycle of gait and maintains breathability, stability and overall support. The Aetrex line features a 5/16-inch removable depth and comes in six widths, according to Apex. The company adds that the shoe unloads pressure in the areas that are most susceptible to injury or pain while the patient ambulates. Company: Apex Foot Health Industries Product: Aetrex® Performance Footwear For more information, circle 400 on your reader service card No Confusion, No Pain A new instructional CD makes it even simpler to deliver pain-free injections. With the CD, you can easily instruct yourself on using Ethyl Chloride® Topical Anesthetic, according to the product’s manufacturer, Gebauer. To use the Ethyl Chloride, the company says one would simply spray it on the wound right before the procedure, swab the target area with an antiseptic and perform the procedure. Gebauer says its topical skin refrigerant products can be used not only for minimizing pain from injections and minor surgical procedures, but for the treatment of sports injuries and for physical therapy application as well. Company: Gebauer Product: Ethyl Chloride® Topical Anesthetic Instructional CD For more information, circle 401 on your reader service card A Flexible Bandage Nobody likes ripping off a bandage but a new bandage makes healing even easier for your patients. Flex-Band® fabric adhesive bandages are latex-free, cover up cuts and abrasions, and are useful on sensitive skin, according to the product’s manufacturer Hartmann-Conco. The company adds that the bandages are hypoallergenic and patients can remove them without pain or a sticky residue. Flex-Band’s edges are beveled to prevent premature lifting or peeling. The company says the bandage can conform to any body contour and comes in 10 shapes and sizes. Company: Hartmann-Conco Product: Flex-Band® For more information, circle 402 on your reader service card Jog Their Memories As busy as your patients’ lives are, sometimes an appointment with the podiatrist may slip their minds. That’s where the TouchTone Sam comes into play. The appointment reminder system from ICS Software, Ltd., can go a long way toward helping your staff remind patients about their next office visit. The new system enables one to select the frequency and timing of calls, and facilitates personalized messages that can be left on patients’ answering machines, according to the company. ICS Software says the TouchTone Sam configures with ICS’ Pocket Sammy product and is HIPAA-compliant. For your patients’ security, the TouchTone Sam offers a “Who are You” feature that requires patients to enter the last four digits of their Social Security number before they can access scheduled information. Company: ICS Software, Ltd. Product: TouchTone Sam For more information, circle 403 on your reader service card

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