Cooling Your Heels

A new cushion may help keep your patients’ heels cool and comfortable while speeding up the healing process. For patients suffering from plantar fasciitis, the Sol Step provides cushioning and absorbs shock of the heel’s plantar aspect, according to the device’s manufacturer, Brown Medical. The company says the product’s neoprene stocking-like support offers a comfortable fit and the compression to the heel and arch accelerates healing. Sol Step’s Sealed Ice pad cushions each foot. The company says the product can also provide up to 20 minutes of cold therapy, which can help relieve inflammation. Company: Brown Medical Product: Sol Step For more info, circle 399 on your reader service card Conforming To Patients’ Needs A new line of orthotics not only gives your patients with diabetes orthotic options but also conforms to a new Medicare code. The Conform ThermoThotic line has eight unique styles to match the orthotic needs of patients who have diabetes. Apex Foot Health Industries, manufacturer of the orthotic line, says these orthotics feature four different base material options including the exclusive heat-moldable ED-9 polyetherdiol urethane and Plastazote X-Firm, as well as Thermosky EVA and Plastazote Firm bases. Apex says the new orthotic line is compatible with the new Medicare K0628 code that is replacing code A5509, which will not be accepted after June 30. Company: Apex Foot Health Industries Product: Conform ThermoThotic For more info, circle 400 on your reader service card A Stronger Suture Are you looking for more strength from your sutures? You may want to consider the Force Fiber, an orthopedic braided suture comprised of polyethylene fiber. The Force Fiber has a high molecular weight and its knot break strength is 47 percent higher than its competitors’, according to the manufacturer, Teleflex Medical. The company says the suture offers greater tensile strength than polyester and polyblend sutures. The company says its nonabsorbable suture is perfect for approximation or ligation of soft tissues, including the use of allograft tissues in orthopedic procedures. Company: Teleflex Medical Product: Force Fiber™ For more info, circle 401 on your reader service card A More Accurate Cut Do you want to get the most accurate cut for your osteotomies? The next generation of Accu-Cut® Osteotomy Guide is now available. Biopro says its two-stage angled Chevron guide can help you tailor your osteotomy to the patient’s exact deformity and also enhances reproducibility and stability. The two-stage guide enables you to correct the intermetatarsal angle and elevatus, according to Biopro. The company says the guide also facilitates correction of a proximal articular set angle in increments of 5, 10 and 15 degrees. Company: Biopro Product: Accu-Cut® Osteotomy Guide For more info, circle 402 on your reader service card Increasing Compliance And Support Have you found noncompliance to be a problem when prescribing ankle-foot orthotics? You may want to consider the Freedom® Swedish AFO, which can assist your patients with static dorsiflexion assistance and lateral stability for their entire foot and ankle, according to the manufacturer, AliMed. The injection-molded polyethylene construction permits more vertical rigidity and a thinner footplate section, which you can easily trim with scissors or modify using a heat gun. The Freedom Swedish AFO also features a low arch and open heel that facilitate a streamlined profile and easy fit into nearly any shoe, notes AliMed. Company: AliMed Product: Freedom® Swedish AFO For more info, circle 403 on your reader service card Best Business Practices Although one’s primary concern is healing patients, a new book addresses the many intricacies of doing business in the health care setting. The second edition of The Business of Medical Practice, edited by Dr. David E. Marcinko, MBA, CFP®, CMP®, is now available. Published by Medical Business Advisors, Inc., the book focuses on the complexities of running the financial and business aspects of your practice. Various experts contributed to the book, which discusses all aspects of medical office practice management for DPMs and other healthcare professionals, according to the publisher. Company: Medical Business Advisors, Inc. Product: The Business of Medical Practice For more info, circle 404 on your reader service card Boot Scrubber Facilitates Foot Washing You may tell patients time after time to scrub their feet but some are just not compliant. Now a new boot means there will be no excuse for not following your orders. The Foot Scrubber is a low-cut boot that patients can wear in the shower to scrub their feet regardless of their weight or their degree of dexterity. Manufactured by Advent Product Development, the scrubber has internal bristles that clean the foot as soap and water flow through perforations in the boot. As the company notes, the device may reduce the risk of falling in the shower since the patients do not have to bend over as much. The company adds that the bristles of the Foot Scrubber exfoliate skin, which improves hygiene and blood flow. Company: Advent Product Development, Inc. Product: Foot Scrubber For more info, circle 405 on your reader service card Ensuring Patient Privacy In these days of HIPAA, ensuring the privacy of medical records is more important than ever. A new accessory helps facilitate privacy. The slim, covered Low-Profile Clipboard is designed for short-stay and emergency room visits. The Carstens product is made of polyethylene, which is durable and easy to clean. The clipboard is available in 10 colors, matching Carstens’ line of ring binders. The options include a Velcro strap security closure, removable post caps and a hanger for use over patient beds. Company: Carstens, Inc. Product: Low-Profile Clipboard For more info, circle 406 on your reader service card

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