No More Cold Feet

If your patient’s feet need a warm up and better circulation to relive pain, a new kind of footgear may be the remedy. The AFG Ankle/Foot Gauntlet can raise your patients’ skin surface and subcutaneous temperature by two to three degrees as part of heat therapy. Manufacturer Swede-O, Inc. says the gauntlet can relieve the pain associated with diabetes, arthritis and Raynaud’s disease. AFG’s Trioxon lining wicks moisture away from the skin and allows the skin to breathe. The company says the product is anatomically shaped and comes with a side stabilizer insert for additional support. Company: Swede-O, Inc. Product: AFG Ankle/Foot Gauntlet For more information, circle 399 on your reader service card. A Complete Computer Solution Are you looking for a solution to computerizing your practice? Look no further than MD TASCware Electronic Medical Records, which can allow you to write prescriptions and view medical records and lab test results via computer. You can input and access information via a tablet PC, according to the manufacturer, TASCware, Inc. The system integrates into the company’s MD TASCware Practice Management System and thus can automatically facilitate billing and insurance, according to the company. Company: TASCware, Inc. Product: MD TASCware Electronic Medical Records For more information, circle 400 on your reader service card. Clean Casting Casting for orthotics can be a mess. A new product offers a cleaner option. With the Slipper Sock, you can obtain negative molds in two minutes without the mess one might usually get with plaster. The manufacturer STS says the sock is more accurate than foam boxes and you can use it in neutral suspension, semi-weightbearing or in shoe casting systems. The Slipper Sock is available in boxes of 10 pairs each and in four sizes, determined by shoe size. Company: STS Product: Slipper Sock For more information, circle 401 on your reader service card. Soft And Durable The latest option in diabetic footwear combines a post-op shoe with an insole. The SS II/Diabetic Insole Shoe features an insole that offers layers of 1/4-inch ProCell over 1/16-inch of Poron®, according to the manufacturer, Sroufe Healthcare Products. The company emphasizes that the tighter cell structure materials of ProCell prevents it from packing down. ProCell is also grindable and very soft, according to the manufacturer. As for the shoe itself, it features a durable, padded breathable upper and soft lining with a semi-rigid lightweight PVC rocker bottom sole, according to Sroufe. It also features a padded heel collar and a tongue which you can trim to fit. Company: Sroufe Healthcare Products Product: SS II/Diabetic Insole Shoe For more information, circle 402 on your reader service card. A New Angle On Ankles If your patients have questions about building stronger ankles, look no further. “A Strong Idea for Building Stronger Ankles” has the answer. The DM Systems brochure has all the ins and outs of using the company’s AnkleTough® Rehab System in the home setting. The brochure details the system’s special features as well as five exercises that your patients can perform. AnkleTough® is suited to a routine of strengthening exercises and your patients can easily use it without supervision, according to the company. Company: DM Systems Product: Ankle Tough® Brochure For more information, circle 403 on your reader service card. Take A Load Off At the end of a long day on their feet, your patients may need a way to comfort their feet while seated. That is where Lew-Sam’s Classic Footrest Pain Reliever comes in. The footrest, made by Advent Product Development, Inc., offers angled sections and rippled surfaces to provide relief. The company says the footrest can provide therapeutic relief for those who spend a lot of time on their feet or those who sit for an extended period of time. Company: Advent Product Development, Inc. Product: Lew-Sam’s Classic Footrest Pain Reliever For more information, circle 404 on your reader service card.

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