A Smart Way To Document

Who isn’t always on the lookout for new devices to make reimbursement less of a hassle? In order to make the process a little easier, you may want to consider the Smartdop® 20EX with Smart-V-Link™ Vascular Software. The product features Smart-V-Link Vascular Software and is complete with ABI and TBI software. It reportedly helps facilitate easier documentation of preoperative procedures for the patient’s record and for reimbursement purposes as well, according to the company Koven Technology. It adds that the software can also automatically calculate ratios and print hard-copy reports. Its Smart-V-Link software easily integrates with the Smartdop 20EX ABI Doppler with the RS-232 connector, according to Koven. The company points out that you can either use the Smartdop 20EX integrated printer or the Smart-V-Link. When treating diabetic patients, one may use optional plug-in modules for PPG toe pressures. Company: Koven Technology Product: Smartdop® 20EX with Smart-V-Link™ Vascular Software For more information, circle 399 on your reader service card. Ease Your Patients’ Minds Are your patients feeling pain from venipuncture and IV procedures? If that’s the case, you may want to opt for Gebauer’s new Ethyl Chloride® Pain-Ease® Topical Anesthetic to put your patients’ minds at ease. Noting the product’s ease of use, Gebauer says you simply spray four to 10 seconds as directed to anesthetize the affected area immediately prior to the procedure, swab the target area with an antiseptic and then perform the procedure. Gebauer says the anesthetic is great for use before minor surgical procedures, injections, venipuncture and IVs. It is available in either a mist or stream application. Company: Gebauer Product: Ethyl Chloride® Pain-Ease® Topical Anesthetic For more information, circle 400 on your reader service card.

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