Dress You Up

Looking for a new wound dressing that stands out from the crowd? If you have been pleased with Smith and Nephew’s Allevyn wound dressings, you now have even more options with four new dressings. Allevyn Thin has a two-layer construction and is useful for treating wounds with low to moderate exudate, according to the company. Allevyn Plus Adhesive features a 50 percent thicker core than Allevyn Adhesive and is based on trilaminate technology. Allevyn Plus Cavity features a unique polyurethane matrix design and the company says its two-sided low tack natural adhesive provides high absorbency. Then there’s Allevyn Compression, a non-adhesive dressing with a polyurethane film contact layer, which the company says you can employ in compression therapy. It adds that this dressing is ideal for sensitive skin. Smith and Nephew says the new dressings, bringing the total of Allevyn Range products to 11, help facilitate increased efficiency and efficacy in wound care. Company: Smith and Nephew Product: Allevyn Range For more information, circle 399 on your reader service card. Socks For All Occasions Whether they are playing sports or going about their daily business, patients need socks that can meet the demands they place on their feet. Apex says its new Anti-Shox® High Performance Socks are up to the challenge and will help safeguard against blisters. According to the company, pedorthists were involved in designing the socks, which feature high-tech acrylic fabrics and weaving technology combined with unique designs. The Outdoor Performance, Walker/Runner and Cross Trainer Performance Socks have moisture-wicking fabric and an antibacterial material to fight infection and odor, making them ideal for your athletic patients. Apex’s Everyday Performance Socks are also available in several colors for routine wear. Also available in the Anti-Shox Line are three brands of Therapeutic/Comfort Socks. Company: Apex Product: Anti-Shox® For more information, circle 400 on your reader service card. An Ingenious Solution Whether your have a large or small practice, you and your staff need the right software solution for keeping track of medical records. Look no further than the Ingenuity EMR and CHARTstation 6.0 Ingenuity from VitalWorks. The Ingenuity EMR includes a simple browser interface, a high-speed design and excellent scalability, according to the manufacturer. It also offers air-tight data security and is very affordable. Geared toward large practice settings, the software integrates well with practice management systems, according to the company. For small to medium physician practices, CHARTstation 6.0 is very adaptable and counts podiatry among the many specialties to which it can adapt. Company: VitalWorks Inc. Products: Ingenuity and CHARTstation 6.0. For more information, circle 401 on your reader service card. Training Program Lifts Knowledge Have you ever had questions about DM Systems’ Heelift® Suspension Boot? The company has the answers as part of its training package. You can buy the program in a multimedia CD-ROM with PDF documents of recent case studies concerning the program. The training is also available on videotape. The training program gives demonstrations and proper applications of the Heelift, which you can employ to treat heel ulcers. Company: DM Systems, Inc. Product: Heelift® training program For more information, circle 402 on your reader service card.

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