Accelerating Wound Healing

Are chronic wounds throwing you for a loop? If so, you may want to consider using CellerateRX, a new wound care gel and powder that reportedly helps to jumpstart the healing process. Advanced Wound Care, the manufacturer of the product, says CellerateRX has an array of indications ranging from diabetic ulcers and surgical wounds to pressure ulcers and second-degree burns. The company notes that CellerateRX promotes and accelerates cellular regeneration by replicating the natural fibroconnective template. It can be a good modality for recalcitrant wounds as it promotes natural autolysis and autolytic debridement by rehydrating and softening necrotic tissue and eschar, according to the company. CellerateRX is biocompatible, biodegradable and nonantigenic. The company says these characteristics enable you to leave the product in the wound site through multiple bandage changes. CellerateRX not only provides absorption for wound exudates, but it enables you to protect the wound bed and newly formed granulation tissue as well, according to Advanced Wound Care. Company: Advanced Wound Care, Inc. Product: CellerateRX For more information, circle 399 on your reader service card. Step Right Up If you’re looking for an effective orthotic with unique features, you may want to consider a new prefab option. ProLab Orthotics has unveiled the In-Step Prefabricated Functional Orthotic. The company says it’s the first functionally corrected prefab orthotic and is indicated for plantar fasciitis, hallux limitus, hallux valgus, metatarsalgia, posterior tibial tendonitis and arch fatigue. Composed of semi-rigid polypropylene, the prefabricated product also offers a few features that you would normally see in custom orthotics, according to the company. These features include a full-depth heel cup of 14 mm with a 3-degree intrinsic forefoot valgus correction and a 4 mm heel skive. In addition, the company says In-Step’s 0/0 spot grind will stabilize the orthotic in the patient’s shoe and its textured finish eliminates the need for a top cover. Company: ProLab Orthotics/USA Product: In-Step Prefabricated Functional Orthotic For more information, circle 400 on your reader service card. A Close-Up View Foot self-examination is of paramount importance for patients with diabetes. Now there is a new product that will help facilitate these self-exams. The Diabetic Basics® Healthy Foot Illuminated Mirror can help your patients get a look at their feet from every angle. The mirror, manufactured by Woodward Laboratories, Inc., magnifies the foot up to three times and has an LED light for greater illumination so diabetic patients can view the bottoms of their feet. According to the company, the mirror expands up to 24 inches but can be compressed to 13 inches for storage. In addition, the ergonomically-designed mirror comes with a non-slip padded handle. Company: Woodward Laboratories, Inc. Product: Diabetic Basics® Healthy Foot Illuminated Mirror For more information, circle 401 on your reader service card. Padding For Patient Comfort Are you interested in a product that offers “extremely competitive” pricing, added patient convenience and an in-office dispensing opportunity? Look no further than Dr. Jill’s Foot Pads. The company says its foot pads are available in four different thickness types of felt and four different thickness types of foam and moleskin. The company notes it also offers a retail packaged, in-office dispensing program for the foot pads that enables you to double your money with each package sold. Company: Dr. Jill’s Foot Pads Product: Dr. Jill’s Foot Pads For more information, circle 402 on your reader service card.

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