Can This Software Program Maximize Your Office Efficiency?

By Brian McCurdy, Associate Editor

Caring for your patients is a full-time job unto itself. Dealing with managed care and the business end of your practice is another full-time job. Indeed, claims processing and billing issues can be overwhelming at times. However, there are office management systems and software that can help you and your staff stay organized and efficient. One out of every three podiatrists uses the Wisdom/32 Podiatry Practice Management System, according to VitalWorks, the manufacturer of the software program. It says the Windows-based software offers a variety of helpful options. Not only can it help with comprehensive pre-submission reports and electronic claims submission to Medicare and other payers, Wisdom/32 automatically posts podiatric modifiers based on the data you enter, provides electronic remittance advice and eliminates hours of keyboard entry for Medicare, according to the company. Reducing The Strain Of Billing Headaches Specific Wisdom/32 programs can alleviate billing headaches. InfoMine lets you create fully customizable financial reports. VitalWorks says this enables you to make your managed care contracts more profitable. You can also monitor outstanding accounts and re-bill past due insurance claims quickly and easily. After your staff has turned over an account to a collection agency, the system permits you to track the payments, the company says. The help with billing extends to your patients’ statements. The VitalWorks RapidBill electronic billing service provides high quality, laser-printed statements. When patients inquire about a bill, you can look at a copy of the exact statement the patient received, which facilitates an easy response. VitalWorks says the printed statements “provide a professional image and are easy for patients to read and understand, resulting in fewer phone calls and wasted staff time.” Grace Reeves, nurse and secretary for Edward Behmer, DPM, uses the product for accounting and praises it. She has looked at similar systems but feels it is “not worth switching” because other products don’t have as many features as Wisdom/32. “It’s very accurate in its record keeping,” notes Reeves. “It has been a good system overall.” A Key Resource For Managing Documentation In addition to billing concerns, seeing so many patients in a day is a challenge which can be compounded with all the information that managed care organizations require of you and your practice. The Wisdom/32 software can maintain data on patient visits according to the date range, number of visits and other aspects for which managed care mandates documentation. Cindy Ahrens, assistant to Philip Sextro, DPM, has been using Wisdom/32 for 10 years. She says the “user-friendly” system keeps the staff current on the latest techniques. “Compared to other practice management products, it is more costly but we feel that you get what you pay for,” says Ahrens. Reaping The Benefits Of Customized Documents And Service The system not only helps organize documentation, the company says it enables you to produce customized documents, including letters pertaining to patients and referring physicians, and progress notes. The letters are stored electronically. Wisdom Write also lets you create your own documents, like patient info sheets and paperwork for patient education. VitalWorks’ Appointment Scheduler/32 can assist you in navigating busy office hours while Workflow Manager provides an interface between the Appointment Scheduler and Wisdom/32. That way, you can have easy access to patient claims, demographics and appointments. The software comes complete with a personal to-do list and a reminder. Reeves says VitalWorks works with her office to combat any bugs which may arise in the system. “The customer service is great,” she notes. “I have nothing but good (things) to say about it.” VitalWorks adds that the system integrates with podiatry-based EMR systems and Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical Suite voice dictation software.

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