Same Strength, Smaller Package

Your debriding arsenal just became a little fuller with the introduction of two new sizes of popular debriding ointments. New from Healthpoint, Panafil and Accuzyme are now available in 6-gram unit packages. According to the company, the smaller packaging of these ointments provides patients with convenience and is a safe, easy option for first time applications. Healthpoint notes the unit dose will reduce potential waste and is appropriate for situations requiring less therapy. Company: Healthpoint Product: Accuzyme and Panafil Unit Dose For more information, Circle 399 on your reader service card. Sizing Wounds Up If you see a lot of wounds in your practice, there are two new additions to the VAC therapy line that you may find helpful. KCI recently introduced the new VAC Round Foam and the VAC Thin Foam wound dressings that may make it easier to size dressings to the specific widths and depths of patient wounds. You can use the dressings with the VAC ATS or the VAC Freedom. Both dressings feature reticulated cells that stimulate granulation tissue and a hydrophobic, open-pore structure to facilitate exudate removal, according to KCI. The VAC Round Foam contains ten pre-cut sizes with an overall dressing size of 1.25 inches deep and 5 inches wide. You can modify the dressing depth by half with a 5/8 perforation thickness and 1-inch intervals of circular perforations that facilitate width sizing. The company says these sizing configurations allow for an easier and quicker fit with minimal or no need to trim the dressing. The VAC Thin Foam Dressing also contain preformed sizing options that specifically target shallow wounds and conform more easily to difficult wounds. The Thin Foam’s oval-shaped dressings are 1.6 cm, half the thickness of traditional VAC dressings. Five preformed sizing options are available to eliminate or reduce dressing cutting to fit smaller wounds. Company: KCI Products: VAC Round Foam and VAC Thin Foam For more information, Circle 400 on your reader service card. A Unique Orthotic Are you looking for a new orthotic option to add to your armamentarium? You may want to check out the Pressman Modular AFO, a fixed ankle AFO with a removable custom orthotic. According to the manufacturer Burns Lab, the brace features a Swedish-style leg component and a custom-molded, removable, polypropylene foot orthotic. The removable orthotic gives the patient the option of wearing the orthotic alone or wearing the AFO. Burns says you will be able to control the foot and ankle motion all the time as the flexibility of the leg portion allows for limited dorsiflexion prior to heel off. A Velcro strap holds the heel in contact with the brace at heel off. The design of the brace differs from a typical AFO in that it is slimmer. The brace fits into men’s loafers and into a patient’s normal walking shoe, the company notes. Burns notes you can use the new brace to treat conditions such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis as well as manage post-Achilles repair, Grade 1 and 2 PTTD and flaccid dropfoot. Company: Burns Lab Product: Pressman Modular AFO For more information, Circle 401 on your reader service card. A “Toe” Up Are you looking to get a foothold on patient in-toeing or out-toeing? You may want to consider Northwest Podiatric Laboratory’s (NWPL) new Superglass Classic “In-toeing” and “Out-toeing” gait plates. According to the company, they are graphite composite devices that can mold a deep heel cup with high medial and high lateral flanges for improved rearfoot and midfoot control. Northwest says the “In-toeing” device promotes out-toeing and ends proximal to the first metatarsal head. This device extends distally to the lateral metatarsal heads. The “Out-toeing” device ends proximal to the fifth metatarsophalangeal joint and extends distally to the first and second metatarsophalangeal joints, according to Northwest. The company adds that while the devices are not postable, this does not pose a problem due to the increased rearfoot and midfoot control. Company: Northwest Podiatric Laboratory Product: Superglass Classic “In-toeing” And “Out-toeing” Gait Plates For more information, Circle 402 on your reader service card. Hosiery That Makes ‘Sense’ If your female patients are looking for compression hosiery with a unique twist, the latest product from Footsense might be the answer. The Footsense pantyhose offers a graduated compression to promote and improve circulation. According to Footsense, the hosiery provides convenience with its patented foot flap that allows patients to expose their toes while wearing the pantyhose. The hosiery is composed of 89 percent nylon and 11 percent Lycra/spandex with control top hosiery. The company offers the hosiery in a variety of sizes. Company: Footsense Product: Footsense Pantyhose For more information, Circle 403 on your reader service card.

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