All-In-One Software Offers Tailored Documentation For DPMs

Danielle Chicano, Contributing Editor

While there are various electronic health record (EHR) and software applications available for medical professionals, podiatrists may want to consider an option that is fully tailored to their line of work.

   MediTouch is a powerful, all-in-one system that is fully integrated with EHR and practice management software customized for the podiatric specialist, according to the manufacturer HealthFusion. Additionally, the system includes a medical claims clearinghouse owned and operated by HealthFusion. The company also notes that MediTouch is platform independent and runs on any Apple or Windows computer or tablet.

   Richard DiMario, DPM, been using MediTouch for more than two years. He explains that the ability to access the system on various platforms has proven to be an asset in his practice, which is based in York, Maine.

   “I use (MediTouch) with desktop Dell computers and the iPad,” notes Dr. DiMario. “The system works seamlessly with the iPad, which I use in the treatment room with the patients. “

   Although Dr. DiMario explains that initially adopting MediTouch in your practice may take a little time and effort, he emphasizes the benefits of the software’s efficiency and the company’s supportive team.

   “The MediTouch team is very efficient and gets things going immediately to help with the transition. The EHR is very straightforward and logical, and works seamlessly with the practice management,” he explains. “The system has significantly improved my patient care documentation and the interchange of information with other physician offices and facilities.”

   Peter Brieloff, DPM, has been using MediTouch for almost a year and like Dr. DiMario, he attests to HealthFusion’s superior customer service when he began using the product.

   “The customer support is amazing. Every time I have a question, it is promptly answered by the customer support staff,” explains Dr. Brieloff. “The HealthFusion staff are friendly and very helpful, and don’t make you wait on long lines on the phone or online.”

   “A key feature that is important to know is that HealthFusion owns the clearinghouse. This means all your billing and posting, etc. stays within the same ecosystem and no third parties are needed,” says Dr. Brieloff, who is in practice in Cumberland, Md. “I receive all my faxes through MediTouch and send all my claims and post all my remittances in MediTouch. In fact, the system is so easy to use, I do all of my billing and posting myself.”

   According to HealthFusion, podiatrists using MediTouch are able to connect to major labs and share the results with their patients via the patient portal. Dr. Brieloff finds this beneficial both to his practice and his patient care. He explains that in addition to accessing their own health records, with MediTouch, patients are able to fill out their medical history and patient intake form online prior to their visit.

   “I feel that MediTouch by HealthFusion is an excellent EMR/EHR option for all podiatrists to consider. I am very happy with my choice of MediTouch by HealthFusion and highly recommend it for its ease of use and full-featured system for both the podiatrist and his/her staff,” adds Dr. Brieloff.

   Ms. Chicano is a freelance writer who lives in Philadelphia.

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