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Keys To Treating Venous Leg Ulcerations

Kathya Zinszer, DPM, and Sabina Malhotra, DPM | 1620 reads | 0 comments

Venous leg ulcers are a severe outcome of chronic venous insufficiency, making it crucial to have an appropriate treatment plan. These authors highlight their three-pronged approach to treating venous leg ulcerations, emphasizing assessment of the ulcer, compression techniques and educating patients.

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Understanding The Nuances Of Negotiating Physician Contracts

Jon A. Hultman, DPM, MBA, CVA | 1120 reads | 0 comments

Whether you are starting out in a podiatry practice, haggling over a managed care contract or selling a practice you’ve had for years, there are many factors that go into being a savvy negotiator. Accordingly, this author focuses on strategies that address both the economic and emotional issues that play a part in negotiating physician contracts.

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August 2014

247 reads | 0 comments

As the federal government cracks down on nosocomial infections and injuries, one-quarter of the hospitals in the United States will reportedly lose some of their Medicare funding.

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Diagnosing And Treating A Scaling Interdigital Rash

William Fishco, DPM, FACFAS | 667 reads | 0 comments

A 39-year-old female presented to my office with the chief complaint of a rash between her big toe and second toe for a six-month duration. She described the itch as severe at times. The patient noticed tiny blisters that would pop and express a clear fluid. Ultimately, she would have scaling of skin where the blisters were located.

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Pearls On Treating Plantar Fasciitis In Athletes

Dianne Mitchell, DPM, FAAPSM, FACFAOM | 1921 reads | 0 comments

As podiatrists, we see plantar fasciitis in our offices many times each day, especially in athletes. We know what it is and have a good idea of what causes it.

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New Products August 2014

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Patients with non-unions may get back on their feet quicker with a new and improved bone healing system.